Exploring the question: What is Christian tradition?

Over the next year, we will be developing a website that asks scholars old and young “What is Christian tradition?” and “How do we know it?” 


What will be?



By Spring 2019, we hope to provide a wide collection of primary and secondary sources each representing different aspects and interpretations of Christian tradition.  This "source book" could be used as the basis for classroom work, as a supplement to more traditional collections, or as a go to for all those looking to learn more online. 




In the coming months, we are gathering essays from renowned leaders, accomplished scholars, and young, early career theologians. Each will provide essays responding to the question, "What is Christian tradition?," and will identify the thinkers, events, and movements that inform their interpretations. 




Our still growing editorial board will work collaboratively—both with one another and with those they teach—and will draw upon their own networks of teachers, connections, and influences to broaden the site’s resources and expand its reach. Our goal for this collaborative effort is twofold: to promote greater interdisciplinary work and to develop a broader representation of Christian tradition.



Open Access

All of the essays, primary texts, and resources on this site will be peer reviewed and provided as open access scholarship. This site will also serve as a platform for hosting new academic work and conferences. In late Spring 2019, we will be hosting a conference on ecumenism and launching the first wave of this project. 



Continuing & Rethinking Tradition

A Colloquium on the Anglican, Orthodox, and Catholic Churches of India

August 2018 



Contribute to the Discussion

We are looking for contributors, scholars, and anyone else interested in learning more. To add to the discussion, or to simply request more information, follow the link below to a page where you can tell us more about yourself and offer your own responses to the questions “What is Christian tradition?” and “How do we know it?”

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