First Steps 

Over the next several months, we are seeking ways to explore these questions and discover new ones. This involves building the editorial board, but also going out into the world. From church discussions to academic courses to updates of early developments through the blog, we are seeking new ways to reach out.




How to get involved

Over the next several months, we will be continuing to build content and connections amongst scholars and religious leaders. We are also looking for opportunities to share and learn from the wider public. 

Church Meetings & Studies
If you are a church leader and would be interested in having a conversation about "What is Christian tradition?" with your congregation or small group, we would love to take part - either in coming to lead a discussion or receiving the results of your fruitful conversations. 

Online Contributions
If you have not filled it out already, please give us your insights and thoughts on "What is Christian tradition?" Also, please share it with anyone for whom you think might provide helpful insight.

Early Career Scholars
If you are a scholar early in your career and are interested in taking a part of this project, you can start the application process by filling out the form. Let us know your reflections on Christian tradition, the thinkers that stand out to you, and what you hope to learn and contribute to the project. 

Events and Updates

Academic Colloquium on the Churches of India
In August 2018, we are supporting a colloquium on ecumenism and the Churches of India. Information about those churches will be available through the site and allow for the exploration of one significant branch of Christianity. Over the next several months, we will be exploring other opportunities to host and share content from conferences as well as develop denominational and regional resources. 

Academic Courses in Christian Tradition
In Fall 2018, we will be teaching Fall seminary and undergraduate courses and gatherings. Students will explore traditional sources as well as provide research, insight, and thinking on less acknowledged sources and views. The sources used in those courses as well as the results of their explorations will be shared on this site. To learn more about those courses, contact us. 

Essays & Upcoming Content
Beginning in September, we will share essays and contributions from the board and from the renowned scholars who have made an early commitment to be a part of the project. To join the mailing list and stay up to date, contact us.