Presentation Proposal: The Churches of India

As a means of learning more about each other's churches as well as producing resources for scholars outside of the particular religious tradition or Indian context, we invite leaders and scholars to share what they identify as the fundamental aspects of their denomination. We are accepting proposals for the morning session. These will be 10-15 minute presentations on a particular branch of Indian Christianity the morning of the colloquium and provide in written form the following information.

Content should be presented in a scholarly manner but not presume an audience with prior knowledge of the cultural or theological particularities. In addition to fostering our own informed conversations about the church and churches, submissions will also be considered for publication on the open access digital humanities project

We will review your proposal and be in touch with you by July 7th with more information. 

Name *
What is your religious tradition, and if you have one, your academic or ecclesiastical association?
An essay no longer than 500 words on a particular church’s history and formation.
An essay no longer than 500 words explaining your church’s history in North America, including a discussion of how it remains connected to or differs from the church in India.
Examples of five key thinkers, theologians, or leaders within their branch of Indian Christianity.
At the time of the presentation, you will be asked to share a detailed bilbiography of the significant primary and secondary texts for someone to study their branch of Christianity. If there are any sources you wish to share now, you may do so below.